shamballa jewels celebrates the winners of the triton poker series with a limited edition bracelet

Limited Edition 10mm SHAMBALLA® Lock Bracelet 18K Yellow Gold Bead with the Triton Poker logo, Ruby, Black Matte Ceramic

In 2005, SHAMBALLA JEWELS was established out of the simple idea of revolutionizing the male jewelry world with bold designs and luxury materials combined in an understated way. Originally from Denmark, the brand keeps honoring the long history of high-quality Nordic craftsmanship, while taking inspiration from millennia-old East- Asian wisdom. Over time, SHAMBALLA JEWELS has grown into a world-known brand that creates unique creations using diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, and 18K gold exclusively.

 Now, SHAMBALLA JEWELS is delighted to join forces with Triton Poker to celebrate the iconic game of cards and adorn each winner with a limited edition bracelet from the company’s Copenhagen atelier. 

Aligned with the brand’s principles of high-quality craftsmanship, the limited edition 10mm SHAMBALLA® Lock Bracelet is crafted with pulsing red ruby stone and vigorous matte ceramic beads, to pay tribute to some of the signature poker colors. 

 The brand’s logo, the STAR OF SHAMBALLA®, is neatly engraved on the back lock of the bracelet, guaranteeing the quality and legacy that comes with each SHAMBALLA® creation. 

As the final embellishment, the bracelet carries an 18K yellow gold bead with the iconic Triton Poker logo engraved on top. 

SHAMBALLA JEWELS is proud to become part of the world of poker and celebrate the winners of Triton Poker with this special edition bracelet that will create a memento worth remembering. 


SHAMBALLA JEWELS is a Danish luxury jewelry brand dedicated to creating iconic and highly personal jewelry for modern men and women. Inspired by the mythical kingdom of Shamballa, nested in the Himalayan mountains. SHAMBALLA JEWELS creations represent a balanced combination of millennia-old East-Asian wisdom and high-quality Nordic craftsmanship. 

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