Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions should be read by the User (“You”, “Player”, “Spectator”) and by attending any of our events you agree to It in Its entirety.

Triton has the rights to take action where deemed reasonable to enforce this agreement at all times.

You acknowledge that any portion of this T&C and any Poker Rules could be updated or altered at any time. Your continued participation to our Events following such alterations shall serve as your acceptance of such amendments.


-We reserve the right to stream, broadcast, photograph, record at any time any events.

-At any time, you might be asked to play at a “Televised Table” or “Feature Table” and you agree to disclose the content of your cards through Triton’s chosen technology. There will be a minimum of a 20-minute delay before the content of the cards and correspondent action will be shown to the public. You agree that you might be asked to be present at a “Televised Table” before or after play (within reasons).

-Any player or spectator in a Triton event will acknowledge the fact and grant us and third parties working in collaboration with us, all rights to use their image to the fullest, this being reproduced, distributed, edited, printed, etc..).

-You hereby release us and our assignees from any claim against any right to privacy, image right or infringement of copyright.

-Any logos or branding on any part of the player’s clothing or body needs to be approved by Triton and the local partner and needs to comply with local jurisdictions (gaming authorities, TV policies, etc..).

-We will have discretion to approve any clothing, apparel, logos, worn or displayed by players and spectators.


-You agree to provide a form of ID (passport) at any time during our events

-You agree to be liable to any advertised taxes and expenses from the venue hosting the event or us. This include but It’s not limited to bank wires, currency conversion, money transfers.

-You agree to abide by the Poker Rules posted on this website and displayed at any event.

-We reserve the right to add, cancel and alter at any time any portion of schedules of play and structures at our own discretion.

-We reserve the right to refuse any person entry to the premises, and therefore participation to any event or cash game.

-We reserve the right to disqualify any players from any event. In this case the player will forfeit the Buy-Ins, Prize Money and any recurring promotion.


-You agree that other than as required by applicable law, we shall not be liable to you or your heirs and representatives for any losses, damages, claims or other expenses during or connected to our events-You agree to be responsible for paying any taxes for any income or similar coming from our event in your own country of residence. You therefore indemnify us against any liability and expenses connected with taxes or other payments.

-We will not tolerate any action that its seen or thought to be abusive or threatening to any of the staff members, spectator, players or any other person involved in our event.



All media content will be monitored and might need to be approved by us before posted or being used in any other form

All media should respect the players and the security & integrity of our events.

This will be including but not limited to:

-Maintain a security distance to any player and move (where possible) away from any player still holding cards to cover the remainder of the action.

-Don’t use flash or any other devices that will disrupt play and distract players and staff members

-Don’t leave a recording device unattended and for a period of time longer that deemed reasonable by us

-Don’t comment on any action in the tournament area and maintain the verbal communication to colleagues to a minimum.

-Don’t celebrate and maintain a general high level of professionalism and impartiality

-Respect and acknowledge any request coming from the Tournament Director or any other Triton representative