Triton Super High Roller Series Jeju 2018

6-MAX 500k Side Event

July 26 - 27, 2018

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Event Day 2

The Early Birds


2018-07-26 16:45:03 +0900

The following players have joined the tournament and are ready to play with action kicking off in level 2 with blinds of 100/200 and a big blind ante of 200.

Sam Greenwood50,00050,000
Luc Greenwood50,00050,000
Steve O’Dwyer50,00050,000
Stephen Chidwick50,00050,000
James Chen50,00050,000
Philipp Gruissem50,00050,000
Mikita Badziakouski50,00050,000

Short Delay


2018-07-26 16:14:58 +0900

Play has been delayed for this event currently. The clock is currently running but no players have taken their seat yet. Some of those waiting to sit down include Sam and Luc Greenwood, Stephen Chidwick, Philipp Gruissem, James Chen, and Alan Sass.


It’s Finally Time for Some No-Limit Hold’em Action in Jeju


2018-07-26 13:10:30 +0900


While the first couple events of this series have been no-limit hold’em short deck ante-only action, it’s finally time to kick off some regular no-limit hold’em action here in Jeju at the Triton Super High Roller Series. At the last series in Montenegro, there was a HK$250,000 6-max event, but this event will be a bit larger at a HK$500,000 price point, or roughly USD $65,000.

The event in Montenegro was won be Richard Yong, one of the tournament’s founders, and he bested a field of 35 players to take down the first place prize of HK$3,046,000 or roughly USD $388,030. This event will likely see a much larger prizepool as well with the buy-in being doubled.

Several faces have been seen wandering around the Triton tournament area but haven’t joined the tournament just yet. We’re likely to see some of the familiar faces so far such as Ben Lamb, Stephen Chidwick, Phil Ivey, Nick Schulman, but also some new faces as well such as Sergio Aido, Steve O’Dwyer, and Fedor Holz, who announced he would be at this event earlier but hasn’t made an appearance yet.

This event features 40-minute levels with a starting stack of 50,000. Blinds will begin at 100/200. When antes are introduced in level two, they will be posted by the big blind. Registration will be open until the 12th level and players will have a chance for multiple entries before the registration is closed. Breaks will be every three levels and will be ten minutes each except for a 15-minute break after level 6. Action is set to begin at 4 p.m. local time and the event will be live streamed with a 30-minute delay once the HK$500,000 Short Deck Ante-Only tournament comes to a close. PokerNews will provide live coverage from the event from start to finish so make sure to tune in.


Aido’s Flop Bet Gets the Job Done


2018-07-26 21:57:02 +0900

Sam Greenwood opened to 2,000 with a {Ad}{4d} in the cutoff and David Peters was on the button with {Kd}{Td} and he called. Sergio Aido was in the big blind with {Qd}{Qs} though and he raised, making it 10,000. Greenwood decided to fold but Peters called.

The flop was {8c}{6c}{4c} and Aido fired a bet of 8,000 which Peters promptly folded to.

David Peters143,000-6,900
Sergio Aido74,0008,000

O’Dwyer Wins With a Continuation Bet


2018-07-26 20:34:19 +0900

Steve O’Dwyer raised to 1,400 under the gun, holding {Kc}{9c} and Dominik Nitsche flatted on the button with {9s}{8s}. Peter Jetten came along from the big blind, peeling {5s}{5d}.

The {6s}{6d}{Jd} flop didn’t give anybody strong holding and O’Dwyer raked in the pot after betting 2,000.

Steve O’Dwyer79,0008,500
Dominik Nitsche16,000-2,000

Juanda Takes a Bit From Aido in a Blind vs Blind Battle


2018-07-26 18:08:19 +0900

John Juanda limped in from the small blind and Sergio Aido made it 1,100 from the big blind. Juanda called.

The flop was {Qh}{8d}{6d} and Juanda checked. Aido put out a bet of 1,200 and Juanda called.

On the {6c} turn, both players checked to see the {10d} on the river. There, Juanda put out a bet of 1,300. Aido thought briefly, then folded his hand allowing Juanda to take down the pot.

Sergio Aido44,000-6,000
John Juanda40,000-10,000

The River is Kind to Badziakouski


2018-07-26 21:52:01 +0900

Steve O’Dwyer limped in from the small blind with {Jc}{8c} and Mikita Badziakouski was in the big blind and he raised to 3,000 with {Kh}{4h}. O’Dwyer called.

The flop was {Ac}{4c}{3h} and O’Dwyer checked to Badziakouski and he put out a bet of 1,800. O’Dwyer called.

The turn was the {8h} and O’Dywer checked again. Badziakouski checked behind.

On the {Kd} river, O’Dwyer checked again. Badziakouski put out a bet of 16,000. O’Dwyer tanked for a bit, then called but was giving the bad news that Badziakouski had rivered two pair.

Mikita Badziakouski84,00024,800
Steve O’Dwyer66,000-15,000

Nitsche Defends Wide


2018-07-26 20:28:07 +0900

Under the gun, James Chen raised to 1,400 with {Qs}{Qh} and Dominik Nitsche defended his big blind with {Qc}{7h}. Chen checked back on the {2h}{As}{6d} flop and went for a delayed cbet on the {3h} turn, firing 1,100. Nitsche let his rags go.

James Chen37,000-25,000
Dominik Nitsche18,000-32,000