Triton Super High Roller Series Jeju 2018

Short Deck Ante-only 1M HKD

July 28 - 29, 2018

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Event Day 2

Sass Picks Off Kee



Kenneth Kee fired 3,000 in a three-way pot on the {Td}{Qh}{Th} flop and Alan Sass called out of position.

The {8c} turn saw Sass check-call another 10,000 and the {Jc} completed the board.

Sass had turned a straight with {Jd}{9c} while Kee bricked his flush draw with {Kh}{8h}. He fired a third barrel of 18,000 but Sass looked him up.

Alan Sass118,00035,000
Kenneth Kee69,000-31,000

Patgorski Hits Trips


Gabe Patgorski raised to 7,000 in the hijack with {Qc}{Jh} and Alan Sass flatted in the cutoff with {Ts}{8s}.

The {Tc}{7d}{Qd} flop was checked and the {6d} turn was checked as well. Patgorski caught trips on the {Qh} river and he fired 10?000. Sass Paid him off.

Gabe Patgorski120,00020,000
Alan Sass83,000-17,000

The First to Join


Gabe Patgorski100,000100,000
Rui Cao100,000100,000
Kenneth Kee100,000100,000
Alan Sass100,000100,000
Marius Torbergesen100,000100,000
Wai Kin Yong100,000100,000
Devan Tang100,000100,000
Paul Phua100,000100,000
Mikita Badziakouski100,000
Chan Wai Leong100,000100,000
Ivan Leow100,000100,000

Action Underway


Action for this event is now underway, per usual, we will have a thirty-minute delay on our coverage to match with the live stream.

Gamblers Get Ready, It’s Time for More Triton Hold’em! HK$1,000,000 Triton Hold’em Event Begins Today!


Jason Koon - Winner of the last HK$ 1,000,000 Triton Hold'em Event

If the HK$500,000 buy-in Triton Hold’em (Short-Deck) Ante-Only event that Ivan Leow won earlier in the week wasn’t enough action for you, you’re in luck, because on Saturday, July 28th, the HK$1,000,000 Triton Hold’em (Short Deck) Ante-Only event kicks off. This event is likely to bring out the biggest names and faces as well as the biggest bankrolls as it’s the second largest buy-in of this series, which sits at roughly USD $127,000. This is the last chance for any tournament action before the Main Event as well so those looking for a good warm-up will likely join in as well.

The last event of this stature was won by Jason Koon at the Triton Super High Roller Series in Montenegro. That event brought out a stunning field of 103 entries and this event is likely to be the same with a monster turn out and a huge field. The event in Montenegro created a prizepool of HK$96,902,400 (~$12,344,397) and Koon took home HK$28,102,000 ($3,579,914) as his first place prize.

Once again as a refresher for the rules of Triton Hold’em/short deck, all twos, threes, fours, and fives are removed from the deck, and thus, hand rankings are changed to reflect the respective strength of hands. For this events, flushes now play higher than full houses as there is only eight cards to every suit. Other than that, six-plus hold’em is played similarly to regular hold’em with two hole cards, five community cards, and four streets of betting — preflop, flop, turn, and river. Also to note, aces can still play for a low straight, replacing the five, making ace-six-seven-eight-nine a straight as well.

The format will be similar to the other Triton Hold’em/Short Deck events with a starting stack of 100,000 and two reloadable bullets which can be used for an extra 100,000 at any time. Levels for this event will be 60-minutes long and will start with antes at 1,000 with a double ante paid from the button for each hand. Players will have a break after every two levels and a longer break after level 4. The plan is to play 6 levels today and registration will remain open through to Day 2 of the event for one level after that.

PokerNews will be back for all the action and trust us, you won’t want to miss this one, so stay tuned for it all.

Phua Taken Out by Chan, Forced to Use Bullet



Elton Tsang limped in with {Kh}{th} and Gabe Patgorski called in the hijack with {Qd}{8c}. Chan Wai Leong raised to 11,000 from the cutoff with {Ks}{Qs} and Paul Phua moved all in on the button with {Ah}{As}. Action folded back to Chan and he called.

The flop ran out {10d}{8d}{7s} which didn’t help Chan much but the turn was the {Qc} and the river was the {Qh} giving him trips and allowing him to take out Phua, who was forced to use a bullet token.

“This game sucks,” Phua said after the hand, laughing.

Chan Wai Leong198,00054,000
Paul Phua100,00060,000

Badziakouski Shoves the River on Phua


Paul Phua raised to 8,000 holding {Kc}{Qc} and action folded to Mikita Badziakouski on the button. He called holding {Ad}{Tc}.

The flop was {Ah}{8d}{6d} and Phua put out a bet of 14,000, Badziakouski called.

The turn was the {8s} and Phua checked. Badziakouski checked behind.

The river was the {Jc} and Phua checked one more time. Badziakouski shoved all in for 83,000. Phua tanked for a while, then folded, leaving himself with his 40,000 while Badziakouski chipped up to 131,000.

Mikita Badziakouski131,00031,000
Paul Phua40,000-21,000

Torbergesen Forces Bullets from Ivey and Leow



Five players came to the flop of {7d}{Kc}{9s} in a limped pot and the action got checked to Ivan Leow who fired 8,000 in the hijack. Rui Cao called on the button and Phil Ivey, sitting directly to Cao’s left, moved all in for 107,000. Marius Torbergesen then reshoved and Leow called off.

Ivey: {Kd}{9d}
Torbergesen: {Js}{Tc}
Leow: {Th}{8d}

Torbergesen had both of his opponents covered and while he bricked his double gutter on the {7h} turn, the {Qc} gave him a winner. Ivey and Leow fired new bullets while Torbergesen soared to 375,000 or so.

Marius Torbergesen375,000105,000
Phil Ivey100,000100,000
Ivan Leow100,00073,000

Katz’ Re-Entry Lasts Only a Few Minutes


2018-07-29 14:52:44 +0900

Cary Katz re-entered during the first level of the day but he already lost his buy-in after running with ace-king into pocket kings of Gabe Patgorski.

Patgorski, who also rejoined the field, has already climbed to 905,000.

Gabe Patgorski905,000529,000
Cary Katz0-100,000

Ace Is Coming


2018-07-29 14:52:44 +0900

Chan Wai Leong raised to 45,000 in the first position, Mikita Badziakouski jammed for 89,000 and Richard Yong reshoved for 365,000 in the cutoff. Leong got out of the way.

BadziakouskI: {As}{Jh}
Yong: {Qc}{Qh}

"Ace is coming!" Badzikouski informed the table.

And the flop indeed brought an ace as it rolled out {7d}{Ac}{8s}.

"Easy!" Badziakouski said.

The rest of the board ran out {Kc} and {7c} and Badziakouski more than doubled. Then he aplogized to Yong: "Sorry, small money."

Richard Yong276,000-125,000
Mikita Badziakouski235,00067,000

Yu Finished Off by Koon


2018-07-29 14:49:18 +0900


Winfred Yu shoved with {Ah}{9h} and Jason Koon reshoved with {Jc}{Tc}. Everyone else folded so Yu was at risk for about 60,000 and Koon had him well covered.

The board ran out {Kc}{Qc}{9s}{Qs}{6s} and Koon made a straight to eliminate Yu from the tournament who will have to choose whether or not he wants to buy in for another HK$1,000,000.

Jason Koon836,000-1,000
Winfred Yu0-61,000

Leow Makes Quads to Double Through Yu


2018-07-29 14:47:03 +0900

Romain Arnaud called with {As}{6s} and Jason Koon called with {9c}{6c}. Ivan Leow then shoved for 295,000 with {Jh}{Js} and Winfred Yu reshoved all in with a covering stack with {Ks}{Kd}. Arnaud and Koon both folded so it was on to a showdown been Leow and Yu.

The board ran out {Jc}{qc}{Qh}{Jd}{8d} and Leow Made quads to double up. through Yu to over 600,000. After the hand, Yu was left with just over 60,000 chips.

Ivan Leow620,000520,000
Winfred Yu61,000-305,000

Patgorski Goes for a Big Bet


2018-07-29 14:42:18 +0900

With 92,000 in the pot coming to the river of the {Kc}{Kd}{Jc}{9h}{As} board, Devan Tang checked to Gabe Patgorski who sized his bet at 80,000. Tang tossed in one calling chip and Patgorski showed him {Qs}{Th} for the winner.

Gabe Patgorski376,000276,000
Devan Tang258,000-86,000

Chan Three-Bet Shoves on Tan


2018-07-29 14:36:18 +0900


Mikita Badziakouski limped under the gun, Xuan Tan raised to 50,000 and Chan Wai Leong shoved for 802,000. Badziakouski tanked for a while and then let his hand go and Tan instantly mucked.

Chan Wai Leong868,00066,000
Xuan Tan640,000-50,000
Mikita Badziakouski168,000-8,000

New Entries


2018-07-29 14:01:16 +0900

Phil Ivey300,000300,000
Gabe Patgorski300,000300,000
Ivan Leow300,000300,000
Chow Hing Yaung300,000300,000
Bryn Kenney300,000300,000
Cary Katz300,000300,000

Final Day of HK$1,000,000 Triton Hold’em (Short Deck) Starts at 2 p.m.


2018-07-29 13:13:56 +0900


When it comes to high stakes poker tournaments with a six-figure buy-in, it used to be only no-limit hold’em to attract dozens of poker’s most well-known faces to take a seat and battle for the whopping prizes. But the landscape has changed now with the Triton Hold’em (Short Deck Ante-Only) gaining traction. The first HK$1 Million (around $127,000) tournament took place a few months back in Montenegro and there’s another such event running at 2018 Triton Super High Roller Series Jeju.

With 41 entries already made to the tournament, the prize pool is guaranteed to exceed $4 million. And there is one more hour of play left to fire new bullets and new entries so it’s likely that we’ll see some more registrations today.

Favorites to cruise through the rest of the registration period without a need to reload are Romain Arnaud and Kenneth Kee who both crossed 1.5 million on Day 1. Kee’s play has been particularly impressive in Jeju. He’s been showing great composure in the Triton Hold’em events here. He notched a runner-up finish in the opening HK$100k tournament but what makes Kee’s performances truly outstanding is the way he’s been navigating his stack in all events. In such a high-variance game, Kee seems to be capable to avoid massive chip-swings. He controls his stack with excellent precision.

Kee was trending practically only up on Day 1 and that’s surely the direction he’d like to keep today. Some of his rivals weren’t as fortunate. Phil Ivey vaulted over 400,000 early only to bow out twice. It’s possible that Ivey will try his third chance today.

Who will definitely be among at least 16 runners to come back are Peter Jetten, Jason Koon, Tom Dwan, Andrew Robl and Ben Lamb so there is plenty of notable names to look forward to. PokerNews will bring you live updates from the final day so tune back at 2 p.m. to follow the coverage from the highest buy-in Triton Hold’em tournament in Jeju.

Day 2 seat draw:

TableSeatPlayerChip Count
12Tom Dwan386,000
14Andrew Robl610,000
15Marius Torbergsen756,000
16Wai Kin Yong1,284,000
21Romain Arnaud1,580,000
23Jason Koon837,000
25Ben Lamb315,000
26Winfred Yu366,000
33Kenneth Kee1,515,000
34Peter Jetten1,169,000
35Devan Tang344,000
36Alan Sass1,130,000
42Chan Wai Leong802,000
44Mikita Badziakouski176,000
45Xuan Tan690,000
46Richard Yong401,000