Rank Name Total POY Points
1st Phua Wei Seng Paul 510
2nd Watson Michael 401
3rd Christopher Brewer 395
4th Soyza Christopher Michael 390
5th Cao Rui 383
6th Haxton Isaac 374
7th Addamo Michael 372
8th Seidel Erik 338
9th Yong Seng Chen Richard 277
10th Yong Rob 267
11th Kee Kenneth Wee Kiang 231
12th Kim Donghyun Tommy 225
13th Dwan Thomas Anthony 222
14th Thanarattrakul Kannapong 199
15th Silver Max 192
16th Tang Chi Hang Daniel 173
17th Heung Wayne 165
18th Choon Tong Siow 161
19th Heath Benjamin 144
20th Lim Chin Wei 136
21st Dvoress Daniel 135
22nd Koon Jason 126
23rd Leow Seng Yee Ivan 120
24th Jiang Xiahe 113
25th Antonius Patrik 109
26th Badziakouski Mikita 109
27th Ausmus Jeremy 98
28th Greenwood Samuel 94
29th Holz Fedor 89
30th Paque Kevin 87
31st Chidwick Stephen James 86
32nd Tang Ying Seng Devan 82
33rd Davies Seth 78
34th Klein Morten 77
35th Ivey Jr Phillip Dennis 76
36th NI Liangce 75
37th Yu Ka Wing Winfred 65
38th Wu Yewei 65
39th Ling Tien Loon 63
40th Tsang Ka Wai Elton 62
41st Lyubovetskiy Andriy 61
42nd Yong Wai Kin 59
43rd Garcia Garay Fernando 58
44th Yum Ryan 56
45th LEE WAI KIAT 54
46th Adams Timothy 51
47th Nakdali Yaman 51
48th O Dwyer Stephen 51
49th Wong Chun Yee Christopher 50
50th Andras Nemeth 49
51st Hidalgo Cristobal 48
52nd Van Krevelen Rene 43
53rd Yap Ghai Png (Arthur) 43
54th Brian Kamphorst 42
55th Petrangelo Nicholas 41
56th Martirosian Artur 41
57th Wongwichit Phachara 38
58th Moya Pulido Daniel 37
59th Mulder Teun Herman 36
60th Nielsen Martin 35
61st Gieles Luuk 32
62nd Ponakovs Aleksejs 32
63rd Lin Ruida 31
64th Aido Sergio 28
65th Vogelsang Tom 28
66th Wong Kenneth Hin Yung 22
67th Hissou Sirzat 19
68th Juan Pablo Corral 19
69th Ketnarin Witsarut 18
70th Chen Yenhan 10
71st Volkmann Bruno 10
72nd Chunharas Tossapat 9
73rd Guoga Antanas 9
74th Katz Cary Steven 8
75th Barbero Jose 8
76th Liew Leewee 8

Last update: after the completion of Triton Poker Madrid 2022 – Event #5


    1. Triton Poker Series Player of the Year (POY) is a program independent from any other related poker rankings.
    2. Triton reserves all the rights to the formula created for the purposes of the POY program.
    3. In order to join the POY competition, you must participate in Triton Poker Super High Roller Series live tournaments.
    4. The length of the season is determined by number of events. In the current season there will be four Triton Series stops. In case of another qualifying event being added to the ongoing POY season – players and public will be informed about it at the earliest possible time, approximately two months in advance.
    5. The first stop introducing Triton POY program is going to take place in Madrid, Spain on the 13th May – 25th May 2022. 
    6. Triton Poker reserves the right to amend the number of stops or extend the length of the season if a cancellation of an event occurs due to force majeure.
    7. Players are not allowed to pass their own POY points to others at any circumstances.
    8. Any Triton tournament deals being made between players will be kept separately from the POY program and will not affect the POY point system presented in the chart below. In case of a deal heads up or any multiple player deal, where the game is discussed to be finished immediately, the remaining players will need to play for the POY points in a fair game agreement approved by the TD. 
    9. Restricted buy-in tournaments will not assign any POY points.
    10. Any tournaments/events added to the schedule and/or any tournaments that will have their structures/buy-in changed may or may not be considered for the POY program. If any of the above occur, Triton reserves the right of the Tournament Director’s discretion. This will be announced on time to all players with the sole criteria of fairness of the POY program towards players.
    11. Triton Poker reserves the right to allocate extra POY points to players who will participate in tournaments with a charity status, that are non-invitational and open to all.
    12. The POY formula has been constructed based on the following criteria:
      • Finishing place (points)
      • Buy-In amount (multiplier)
      • Total number of entries, including re-entries (multiplier)


  • REGISTRATION ON TIME – all players that register to a tournament before the start and join the game within the first level will be rewarded with 2 additional points and will be multiplied based on the below chart.  If a player is unable to join due to concomitant events, they will have to notify Triton of their will to play and will have a level length of time after getting eliminated to take their seat.
  • ENTRIES -Every entry and re-entry will be rewarded with 3 additional points and will be multiplied based on the below chart
  • IN THE MONEY – Every player who makes it ITM (in the money) will be rewarded with an additional 10 points.
  • POF – Every player announced the ‘Player of the Festival’ will receive additional 100 points (the ‘Player of the Festival’ will be the winner of POY points during a stop). A player who receives the most POY points from an individual stop will be declared a POF.



The winner will receive USD 200,000, 

The coveted Triton Player Of The Year Trophy


Finishing Place


1st 100
2nd 80
3rd 60
4th 40
5th 20
6th 10
7th 6
8th 3
9th 2
10th/12th 1




10k to 25k 1
26k to 50k 1.2
51k to 75k 1.4
76k to 100k 1.6
101k to 150k 1.8
150k+ (and MAIN EVENTS) 2




20 to 30 1
31 to 40 1.1
41 to 50 1.2
51 to 60 1.4
61 to 70 1.6
71 to 80 1.8
81 to 90 2
91 to 100 2.2
101 to 110 2.4
111 to 120 2.6
121 to 130 2.8
131 to 140 3
141 to 150 3.2




Every Registration On Time 2
Every Entry 3
Every ITM 10
Player of the Festival 100


John Doe registers (3) on time (2) and does one Re-Entry (3) in a 100k Event (x2).The event gathers 114 entries in total (x2.6) and John will finish ITM (10) and in 5th place (20).
Entries 6
On time 2
ITM 10
5th Place 20
Multiplier Buy-in x1.6
Multiplier Entrants x2.6
(6 + 2 + 10 + 20) x (1.6 + 2.6) = 159.6
John will receive 159.6 Points toward Triton POY 2022