Xuan leads after first day of bumper £100K Main Event

Enormous tournaments continue to come thick and fast on the Triton Super High Roller series, and a day after we awarded the biggest prize in poker history, and only hours since three men picked up prizes in the region of $1 million, the main event at Triton London got under way.

Yes, you read that right. We only today began the first of two tournaments for which organisers have reached for the word “main”. This one is a £100,000 buy-in full deck no limit hold’em event, and of course we already have a prize pool north of £10 million.

That’s because today’s field already comprises 122 entries (including 41 re-entries) and registration remains open. Should you find yourself in the vicinity of London’s Hilton Park Lane at noon tomorrow, you too can buy in and pick up 250,000 chips. It’ll be 25 big blinds, and you’ll be up against players with six times that amount, but why not? What’s a hundred grand anyway? You could win more than £2 million.

Packing them in for the Main Event

To be a little more specific: Tan Xuan from China is the chip leader at this stage having bagged 1.612 million at the end of the day, which he ended seated between David Peters and Erik Seidel.

The short-deck specialist fired only one bullet for that total, and enjoyed life all day long, especially as superstars such as Stephen Chidwick, Alex Foxen, Charlie Carrel, Patrik Antonius, Christoph Vogelsang, Dominik Nitsche, Dan Smith and Justin Bonomo had to dip into their pockets at least twice. (Whisper it: Carrel was in and out three times.)

The top five also includes Triton stalwarts Timothy Adams (1.323 million) and Matthias Eibinger (1.123 million), while Kyle Carlston continues to enjoy his transition from backgammon. He has 1.207 million. Yesterday’s Triton Million champion Aaron Zang also bagged at the end of today.

Another big stack for Matthias Eibinger

The full chip counts are below, as well as the Day 2 seat draw. Tournament officials have already conceded that this is not going to get done inside the scheduled two days, but have brought tomorrow’s start time forward to noon (from 1pm) and plan to play down to a final, or a little further if time permits.


Xuan TanChina1,612,000
Timothy AdamsCanada1,273,000
Kyle CarlstonUnited States1,207,000
Matthias EibingerAustria1,123,000
Chi ZhangChina1,008,000
Elior SionUnited Kingdom994,000
Jean-Noel ThorelFrance938,000
Samuel GreenwoodCanada911,000
Liang XuChina874,000
Louis NybergSweden870,000
Michael WatsonCanada869,000
Lucas GreenwoodCanada863,000
Tong Siow ChoonMalaysia853,000
Stephen ChidwickEngland839,000
Ben HeathUnited Kingdom818,000
Jun Wah YapMalaysia792,000
Daniel DvoressCanada749,000
Daniel CatesUnited States711,000
Wai Leong ChanMalaysia647,000
Peter JettenCanada632,000
Christopher Michael SoyzaMalaysia622,000
Wiktor MalinowskiPoland586,000
Rachid Cherif BenNetherlands564,000
Kahle BurnsAustralia560,000
Sosia JiangNew Zealand551,000
Herman Mulder TeunNetherlands521,000
Fedor HolzGermany513,000
Mikita BadziakouskiBelarus489,000
Henrik HecklenDenmark479,000
Rui CaoFrance411,000
Isaac HaxtonUnited States408,000
Randy LewUnited States368,000
Mikael ThuritzGermany354,000
Linus LoeligerSwitzerland352,000
Nick PetrangeloUnited States350,000
Tony GLithuania347,000
Bryn KenneyUnited States345,000
Alexey RybinRussia317,000
Erik SeidelUnited States280,000
Justin BonomoUnited States278,000
Benjamin PollakFrance265,000
Paul PhuaMalaysia263,000
Seth DaviesUnited States250,000
Timofey KuznetsovRussia239,000
Wei Lim ChinMalaysia216,000
Elton TsangHong Kong216,000
Dominik NitscheGermany206,000
Talal ShakerchiEngland204,000
Igor KurganovNetherlands184,000
Cary KatzUnited States178,000
Steve O DwyerUnited States167,000
Adam ReynoldsUnited Kingdom160,000
Charlie CarrelEngland142,000
Jason KoonUnited States134,000
Danny TangHong Kong133,000
David PetersUnited States132,000
Christoph VogelsangGermany132,000
Nick SchulmanUnited States130,000
Dan SmithUnited States128,000
1-1Dominik Nitsche206,000
1-2Steve O Dwyer167,000
1-4Timothy Adams1,273,000
1-5Herman Mulder Teun521,000
1-7Wei Lim Chin216,000
1-9Smith Daniel Steven128,000
2-1Kahle Burns560,000
2-2Igor Kurganov184,000
2-3Randy Lew368,000
2-5Jean-Noel,Andre,Robert Thorel938,000
2-7Seth Davies250,000
2-9Liang Xu874,000
3-3Michael Watson869,000
3-5Wai Leong Chan647,000
3-6Christoph Vogelsang132,000
3-7Samuel Greenwood911,000
3-8Sosia Jiang551,000
3-9Mikita Badziakouski489,000
5-1Tong Siow Choon853,000
5-2Louis Nyberg870,000
5-3Benjamin Pollak265,000
5-4Daniel Cates711,000
5-5Bryn Kenney345,000
5-6Isaac Haxton408,000
6-1Fedor Holz513,000
6-2Mikael Thuritz354,000
6-4Chi Hang Daniel Tang133,000
6-5Kyle Carlston1,207,000
6-7Christopher Michael Soyza622,000
6-9David Peters132,000
7-1Antanas Guoga347,000
7-3Chi Zhang1,008,000
7-5Benjamin Heath818,000
7-7Nick Schulman130,000
7-8Justin Bonomo278,000
7-9Henrik Hecklen479,000
8-2Wei Seng Paul Phua263,000
8-3Rui Cao411,000
8-6Jason Koon134,000
8-7Adam Reynolds160,000
8-8Ka Wai Elton Tsang216,000
8-9Xuan Tan1,612,000
9-1Lucas James Greenwood863,000
9-2Rachid Cherif Ben564,000
9-3Cary Steven Katz178,000
9-5Matthias Eibinger1,123,000
9-7Stephen James Chidwick839,000
9-9Timofey Kuznetsov239,000
10-2Linus Loeliger352,000
10-3Peter Jetten632,000
10-5Elior Benjamin Sion994,000
10-6Erik Seidel280,000
10-7Nick Petrangelo350,000
10-9Jun Wah Yap792,000
11-2Daniel Dvoress749,000
11-3Charlie Carrel142,000
11-5Alexey Rybin317,000
11-7Wiktor Malinowski586,000
11-8Talal Shakerchi204,000


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Photography by Joe Giron/PokerPhotoArchive