The Coin Rivet Invitational field

The Coin Rivet Invitational is now 10 levels old, and that means registration is closed. It also means we now know specifically how big this thing is — and the answer is, pretty darn big.

There were 115 entries to the tournament, including 25 re-entries. That means there is $23 million in the prize-pool, with the winner now set to receive $5.5 million. The first 17 players will be paid, as we re-define the “min” in min-cash. The lowest payout is $380,000.

This is officially the second biggest tournament ever held on the Triton Series, behind only the 2019 Helping Hand for Charity event, with its £1 million buy-in.

Whatever way we look at it, this is a huge, huge success. When organisers first considered this tournament, the belief was that it might attract around 20-25 partnerships. But that number continued to go up and up, right up until the final moment that registration was permitted.

We ended up with 45 partnerships, i.e., 90 players, of whom 25 were knocked out and re-entered. There were also some players who opted not to exercise their option to re-enter. One and done.

However from now on, this is a freezeout. Lose your chips now, and the game is up. The other thing that has changed now is the tournament format. For Levels 11 and 12, tables are balanced with four pros and four recreational players. But there will be a full redraw after Level 12, mixing the field entirely.

It’s real poker now, folks. And soon it’s going to be time to name a few more millionaires.

$200,000 NLHE – Coin Rivet Invitational
Dates: September 10-12, 2022
Entries: 115 (inc. 25 re-entries)
Prize pool: $23,000,000

1 $5,500,000
2 $3,900,000
3 $2,600,000
4 $2,100,000
5 $1,700,000
6 $1,350,000
7 $1,050,000
8 $770,000
9 $620,000
10 $485,000
11 $485,000
12 $440,000
13 $440,000
14 $400,000
15 $400,000
16 $380,000
17 $380,000

Photography by Joe Giron/Poker Photo Archive