Paul Phua is the early POY leader

Regulars on the Triton Super High Roller Series rarely need additional encouragement to play. This is, for many, the leading high stakes tournament series on the planet and wherever Triton goes, the elite crowd follows. It’s simply a case of “Tell me where, tell me when and I’ll be there.”

For all that, tournament organisers do not wish to rest on their laurels, and there are always new initiatives to give Triton’s players the very best value for money. Here in Madrid, for instance, we begin the Player of the Year race — a complete freeroll offering the winner a spectacular $200,000 first prize.

On the face of it, there’s not an enormous amount more to it than that. It is what it is. The best performing player on the Triton Series over the coming year will top the leader board and pick up that extra $200,000. There’s a trophy to go with it too, of course — and the knowledge that you’ve bettered the toughest fields over a variance-defeating period of time.

The POY Trophy is currently being designed, but it’ll be every bit as attractive as the Main Event one, pictured
Dig a little deeper and there’s a further motive, however — one that has already got players energised for the start of every new tournament.

Player of the Year points are awarded based on finishing position in a tournament, with 100 for the winner, all the way down to 1 point for 10th-12th place. But show up to the tournament on time — i.e., register for an event before the scheduled start time and take your seat during the first level — and you’ll earn two additional points, just for your promptness.

Depending on the buy-in and the total number of entries the tournament attracts, all points are then put through a multiplier, all boosting POY chances. It really pays to get there on time — and it’s really working too.

“POY is the new incentive for players to start tournaments on time,” said Kate Badurek, Triton’s VIP Player Services Ambassador & Assistant TD. “Right from the beginning of the race [the first tournament here in Madrid], we started right on time with 23 players sitting down at the tables.”

Badurek continued: “We’ve often been asked by players when is the last moment to jump in, in order for them to get the extra two points for early reg. Everyone’s so hyped!”

There’s more. Every tournament entry and re-entry earns players an additional three points. And these points are also then put through the multipliers.

Other bonus points are available when a player finishes in the money (10 bonus points), while one Player of the Festival, also gets an additional 100 points. (The Player of the Festival is not subjective; it’s the player who earns the most points at that particular Triton stop.)

Full details of the points awards and multipliers are on the Triton Player of the Year page, where an example also clarifies matters further.

It imagines a player, named John Doe, registering on time for a $100K buy-in event, and making one re-entry. The tournament attracts 114 entries and John finishes in fifth place. In this scenario, John gets:

Initial entry: 3 points
On time bonus: 2 points
Second entry: 3 points
ITM finish: 10 points
5th place: 20 points
Multiplier based on buy-in size: x1.6
Multiplier based on entrants: x2.6

In this scenario, John would get 159.6 POY points — (3+2+3+10+20) * (1.6+2.6).

Although no further stops have yet been confirmed after Madrid, the launch of the Player of the Year race is a big further hint that additional festivals will soon be announced. There are scheduled to be four, including this one, over the coming 12 months.

And that means the POY race is going to become very intriguing, very quickly.

Check out the latest standings, and the full multiplier tables either below or on the Player of the Year page.


    1. Triton Poker Series Player of the Year (POY) is a program independent from any other related poker rankings.
    2. Triton reserves all the rights to the formula created for the purposes of the POY program.
    3. In order to join the POY competition, you must participate in Triton Poker Super High Roller Series live tournaments.
    4. The length of the season is determined by number of events. In the current season there will be four Triton Series stops. In case of another qualifying event being added to the ongoing POY season – players and public will be informed about it at the earliest possible time, approximately two months in advance.
    5. The first stop introducing Triton POY program is going to take place in Madrid, Spain on the 13th May – 25th May 2022. 
    6. Triton Poker reserves the right to amend the number of stops or extend the length of the season if a cancellation of an event occurs due to force majeure.
    7. Players are not allowed to pass their own POY points to others at any circumstances.
    8. Any Triton tournament deals being made between players will be kept separately from the POY program and will not affect the POY point system presented in the chart below. In case of a deal heads up or any multiple player deal, where the game is discussed to be finished immediately, the remaining players will need to play for the POY points in a fair game agreement approved by the TD. 
    9. Restricted buy-in tournaments will not assign any POY points.
    10. Any tournaments/events added to the schedule and/or any tournaments that will have their structures/buy-in changed may or may not be considered for the POY program. If any of the above occur, Triton reserves the right of the Tournament Director’s discretion. This will be announced on time to all players with the sole criteria of fairness of the POY program towards players.
    11. Triton Poker reserves the right to allocate extra POY points to players who will participate in tournaments with a charity status, that are non-invitational and open to all.
    12. The POY formula has been constructed based on the following criteria:
      • Finishing place (points)
      • Buy-In amount (multiplier)
      • Total number of entries, including re-entries (multiplier)


  • REGISTRATION ON TIME – all players that register to a tournament before the start and join the game within the first level will be rewarded with 2 additional points and will be multiplied based on the below chart.  If a player is unable to join due to concomitant events, they will have to notify Triton of their will to play and will have a level length of time after getting eliminated to take their seat.
  • ENTRIES -Every entry and re-entry will be rewarded with 3 additional points and will be multiplied based on the below chart
  • IN THE MONEY – Every player who makes it ITM (in the money) will be rewarded with an additional 10 points.
  • POF – Every player announced the ‘Player of the Festival’ will receive additional 100 points (the ‘Player of the Festival’ will be the winner of POY points during a stop). A player who receives the most POY points from an individual stop will be declared a POF.



The winner will receive USD 200,000, 

The coveted Triton Player Of The Year Trophy


Finishing Place


1st 100
2nd 80
3rd 60
4th 40
5th 20
6th 10
7th 6
8th 3
9th 2
10th/12th 1




10k to 25k 1
26k to 50k 1.2
51k to 75k 1.4
76k to 100k 1.6
101k to 150k 1.8
150k+ (and MAIN EVENTS) 2




20 to 30 1
31 to 40 1.1
41 to 50 1.2
51 to 60 1.4
61 to 70 1.6
71 to 80 1.8
81 to 90 2
91 to 100 2.2
101 to 110 2.4
111 to 120 2.6
121 to 130 2.8
131 to 140 3
141 to 150 3.2




Every Registration On Time 2
Every Entry 3
Every ITM 10
Player of the Festival 100


John Doe registers (3) on time (2) and does one Re-Entry (3) in a 100k Event (x2).The event gathers 114 entries in total (x2.6) and John will finish ITM (10) and in 5th place (20).
Entries 6
On time 2
ITM 10
5th Place 20
Multiplier Buy-in x1.6
Multiplier Entrants x2.6
(6 + 2 + 10 + 20) x (1.6 + 2.6) = 159.6
John will receive 159.6 Points toward Triton POY 2022

Photography by Joe Giron/PokerPhotoArchive